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chefs school cape town
BOUQUET GARNI: chefs school cape town


Apply for the 85-week Full time Training Program

The new Swiss Chef's Course / Apprenticeship founded on behalf and in conjunction with the then Technicon Pretoria in 1994, together with the HITB, then THEATA and now CATHSSETTA.

The course is now fully imported under license from The Swiss Institute of Hospitality Training (International) brought to the Cape in 1997 and is now under new Management, as a Private Chef School, using the Swiss Syllabus and its text books, operating in South Africa.

The course is now regarded as the only proper chef apprenticeship with a full time internship of 85-weeks.

(19 months and 2 weeks) Students with a successful application will be placed full time in a Restaurant/Hotel under the Head Chef's control and attend compulsory weekly theory classes.

To facilitate a training environment for future professional chefs, by giving them the best theoretical background in the world whilst gaining practical experience in real life situations.

To produce young qualified and experienced chefs the South African Hospitality Industry needs and can employ.

Our students have several advantages in the empowerment of the chef’s profession:

  • The internationally recognized and world renowned Swiss syllabus gives any student a head start in their career and future job market.
  • The student graduates with an Internationaly regonised Swiss syllabus, SA stand alone Diploma / Certificate and 18 months practical experience.
  • The student has sufficient time to develop, grow and mature into a professional chef.
  • The student is tutored and monitored by internationally qualified / Swiss chefs during the whole duration of their full time professional chef's course and internship.
  • The qualified chefs is a product the South African Hospitality Industry is desperately looking for.

cefs school cape town

“Back to Basics” Simple, solid no-nonsense professionalism.

The student learns from professionally qualified chef’s the practical SKILLS & CRAFT (the best “ON THE JOB TRAINING”) with intense theoretical classes on a weekly basis that goes with the profession.

(This is not a cooking course for advanced home economics where experimental cooking is the order of the day attempting to compensate for that much needed experience required for the industry.)


Minimum 18 years of age or older (There is no set maximum age)

In South Africa a Matric Certificate would be desirable but successfully completed Secondary Schooling will suffice.
Aptitude Test and Personal Interview is conditional.
Formal Completion of Application Form
Admission is throughout the year with each semester starting / finishing every 3/6 months.

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