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The Swiss Institute of Hospitality Training was founded in Switzerland during the early 80's for the purpose of exporting such exclusive and renowned qualification in the form of the national syllabus when the then foreign nationals realized the benefits of having a Swiss International Qualification, but were unable to attend one of the many Renowned Swiss Hotel Schools or attend the Swiss National Chef Schools and subsequently the product was Franchised.

Why in International Cuisine some of the Worlds most renowned Chefs, Hoteliers and Caterers think so highly of the Swiss qualification?

For one, you need to know a bit about and understand Switzerland, a small picturesque country in the midst of Europe. Contrary to general believe Switzerland does not exist only from Watches, Cheese, Chocolates, Alphorns or Yodel but simply from Tourism. (Swiss GDP on tourism is in excess of 70 %)

The efficient Swiss economy thus requires many qualified Hospitality employees in all areas of the industry and has developed prime training course for decades to achieve their goals and accommodate/encourage tourism.

International Cuisine

In 1992 we imported the system from Switzerland for the Technicon Pretoria to operate its own Swiss Chef Course and obtain such International renowned qualification for South Africa because they anticipated future requirements.

The system was then adapted to the South African Technicon's standards in conjunction with the HITB (hospitality training board) then THETA, and now changed again to CATHSSETTA. At the time we brought it in line with NQ and a then strong endorsement from the SA Chef's Association.

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